Thursday, 31 October 2013

EarthBodyYoga Challenge Day 29:

We are on a road trip home from the Yoga Show, London and we have stopped of at Stonehenge! Awesome energy here, glorious sunshine!!!! So many amazing sights and experiences to take in when you stay off the HighWay and take the road less travelled - a bit like life really!
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Posting this photo for my hubby @michaeloneill 
We stopped off at Stonehenge on the drive back to Cornwall from The Yoga Show, London. He was inspired to turn his perspective upside down - the energy of this ancient place is off the scale! #natureappreciation #ebyoctober #earthbodyyoga #blissology 

EarthBodyYoga Challenge Day 28:

We are packing up to head home after our trip to the Yoga Show and yearly visit to WholeFoods - exhausted but happy :-) 
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EarthBodyYoga Challenge Day 27:

I'm joined by some of my family in the handstand! Fully appreciating the nature of our love and bond for each other, and even if our world got turned upside down, that love will always be there! #natureappreciation #blissology #ebyoctober #earthbodyyoga

Sunday, 27 October 2013

EarthBodyYoga Challenge Day 26:

this was going to be impossible for me until I discovered YogaMonkey at the Yoga Show - totally rockin this pose now I recon!!!
My Nature Appreciation moment... Today the atmosphere is one of anticipation, here in the UK we are about to get slammed by the worst storm since 1987, there are Red weather warnings all over Southern England. Truly appreciating the 'calm before the storm' I now know why that is a common saying!
 #earthbodyyoga #blissology #ebyoctober #natureappreciation

Saturday, 26 October 2013

EarthBodyYoga Challenge Day 25:

Halloween is just around the corner and the streets of Chiswick, London are awash with all things pumpkin! Fully appreciating the sights and smells of City style Autumn ❤️ 
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EarthBody Yoga Challenge Day 24:

Playing catch up today with a few poses whilst we are in London at The Yoga Show! There are leaves all over the streets - Autumn has come to town! 
#blissology #earthbodyyoga #ebyoctober#natureappreciation 

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

EarthBodyYoga Challenge Day 23:

The bendy forward prayer behind your back pose - yay, this one I can do :-) woooohoooo! Awesome day today, my #natureappreciation moment was when I was clearing the spiders from our back door, I was happy to let them be for quite a while, but they kept making the webs right across the door, so they had to be moved on to a new location - I'm slowly learning to like Spiders, I don't freak out like I used to anymore, but I'm still a work in progress!
#ebyoctober #earthbodyyoga #natureappreciation #blissology

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

EarthBodyYoga Challenge Day 22:

Peacock pose - OMG!!! Never tried this pose before, and gosh it's so much harder than it looks! (And it looks pretty hard!) Needless to say, this is my best attempt, and I couldn't lift my legs for even a nano second, ha ha, I see where there is work to be done! Appreciating Blissology for opening my world to try new poses - and truly appreciating a break in the rain ❤️ 
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Monday, 21 October 2013

EarthBodyYoga Challenge Day 21:

You can't help but be in total awe of the weather when it unleashes it's full force upon the earth. To be honest, I'm not 100% sure I fully appreciated all that nature had to throw at us today, and I struggled to feel gratitude as the rain ran down the back of my neck and soaked my trousers, but my Mum always tells me that there is no such thing as bad weather, I just chose to wear the wrong clothes! This photo was taken this evening in Discovery Quay, Falmouth, UK where I was truly appreciating a break in the rain!
#earthbodyyoga #ebyoctober #natureappreciation #blissology

Sunday, 20 October 2013

EarthBodyYoga Challenge Day 20:

We took an afternoon hike to St Nectan's Glen Waterfall, it's a truly magical walk to a very spiritual place. All along the stream people have created little stone towers, and small offering of crystals, pennies and ribbons are left in nooks and crannies and on tree branches.
It's impossible not to practice nature appreciation in this beautiful valley.
#earthbodyyoga #ebyoctober #natureappreciation #blissology

EarthBodyYoga Challenge Day 19: Full Moon

Navasana - a big challenge for me as I have a really sticky out tail bone! This is taken on the moors, a few minutes from our house, where sheep and wild ponies roam freely. Appreciating the clear fresh air up here where the sky feels big!
The earth feels charged, and ready to rock the full moon tonight!
#earthbodyyoga #ebyoctober #natureappreciation #blissology

EarthBodyYoga Challenge Day 18 part 2:

I'm so glad that @marcybeyourself encouraged me to try this, I never thought in a million years I could get any where close to the Hanuman Pose! Just shows you how limiting the mind can be when we think we can't do something!
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Friday, 18 October 2013

EarthBodyYoga Challenge Day 18:

Loving life on the Cornish Jurassic Coast ❤️ No chance of doing Hanuman pose so we have the standing leg lift instead. 
#earthbodyyoga #ebyoctober #natureappreciation #blissology 

WoooHooo! EarthBodyYoga Challenge - I'm a Week 2 winner!

Well I'm a happy Yogi this morning! I woke up to see that I am a Week 2 winner!
Congratulations to @jackalemon who is also a winner this week :-)
#earthbodyyoga #ebyoctober #natureappreciation #blissology

Thursday, 17 October 2013

EarthBodyYoga Challenge Day 17:

Today has been a crazy busy day of rushing around and exhaustion from working late last night to meet a publishing deadline. Taking broken MacBooks to the Apple store (60 miles away) and organising a fancy dress for the weekend. On the way home from the Apple store we stopped off at Davidstow Airfield, about 5 mins from home, and found this secluded spot in a small forest nearby. It felt almost magical when the sunshine broke through the clouds as I dropped back in to this energetic heart opener. I could have stayed longer, but the days schedule crashed back into our consciousness and tugged me away from this beautiful moment - but it was enough to give me that lift, like plugging back in to the source for that super fast recharge!
#earthbodyyoga#ebyoctober #natureappreciation #blissology

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

EarthBodyYoga Challenge Day 15:

The King Arthur pose deserved a fitting backdrop, and where better than the birth place of this legendary British King. I live 5 minutes from Tintagel in Cornwall, UK, and legend has it that this is where King Arthur was born, you can see the ruins of Tintagel Castle behind me in the photo. Tintagel Castle is steeped in legend and mystery; King Uther Pendragon met with the beautiful Igraine and conceived King Arthur here. Below the castle, along the shoreline, you can also visit Merlin's cave. It's a beautiful crisp Autumn day today and the ocean is calm. I'm in awe of this beautiful rugged coastline that has witnessed so much. 
It makes me aware that you have to make the most of your brief time upon the earth! 
Live in the moment! Namaste!
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Part 2: Taken in front of the Camelot Hotel in Tintagel, just above the ruins of Tintagel Castle. This is where the River Camel lets in to the sea…. Camel - Lot. Makes sense right! Feeling humbled by the history that is around me. 

Monday, 14 October 2013

EarthBodyYoga Challenge Day 14:

Crow Pose, Woohoo, love doing this one, a little scary perched on a rock though, wouldn't want to face plant here! Appreciating the ocean and it's ever changing moods, so blessed to live close to the water.
#earthbodyyoga #ebyoctober #natureappreciation #blissology

Sunday, 13 October 2013

EarthBodyYoga Challenge Day 13:

And boy was this a challenge for me. I practice Ashtanga so I never really encounter the King Pigeon - what a lovely pose, but wowser - a toughie! (lol, check out the concentration on my face!!!) I intend to bring it into my practice somehow. This photo is taken at the end of our upstairs hall where we have a huge amethyst crystal and an amazing display of green leaves outside - this is one of my favourite places in out home, it always lifts my spirits when I see the green leaves through the window. 
#earthbodyyoga #ebyoctober #natureappreciation #blissology

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Friday, 11 October 2013

EarthBodyYoga Challenge Day 11:

...and on Day 3 of a juice cleanse! Feeling on a juicy high, vibrant and full of life. Amazing to feel the earth beneath my hands and the sun on my face in this lovely gentle backbend <3 
#earthbodyyoga #ebyoctober #natureappreciation#blissology 

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Big Juice Reboot: 9th-11th October

I love challenges! So as well as doing the Blissology Instagram Challenge I am also doing the JuiceMaster Big Juice ReBoot this week - 3 whole days of nothing but delicious, nutrient packed juices - no hunger, just masses of vibrant energy!

Jason Vale aka The JuiceMaster does one of these Global Juice events every quarter of the year, I first joined the juicy lifestyle in April 2013 on the 5 day juice, then in July 2013 on the 7 day juice. Although I juiced often before, his recipes take it to a whole new level!

EarthBodyYoga Challenge Day 10:

We woke this morning to a red sky, (shepherds and sailors be warned!) sunshine, rain and rainbows, the temperature has tumbled by about 8°C over night to a rather brisk 7°C and there is a really fresh feeling in the air. The perfect English crisp Autumn morning. Feeling grateful that we live in a climate that gives us the seasons, which totally connects you to nature. 
#earthbodyyoga #ebyoctober #natureappreciation #blissology 

EarthBodyYoga Challenge Day 9:

Padmasana. Nothing quite as powerfully rejuvenating as being on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. Keeps me in the moment. 
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