Packed Lunches

Now that our two youngest daughters are back to school, we are in full swing with after school activities! The biggest challenge I face is making sure their packed lunch fuels them through the day and the after school clubs, right until dinner time!

Several years ago I came across the Planet Box System - it's brilliant!! I had to get it shipped over to the UK form America as they don't have an outlet or supplier here in the UK, but it was worth the wait!

Here are two weeks worth of packed lunches - apologies for any repeats - they LOVE grapes, carrots and they especially love Pease Pudding with Avocado!!

Lambs Lettuce, corriander and feta cheese with chia seeds together with carrot sticks and cauliflower florets to dip in the balsamic glaze, and almonds, orange segments and grapes to round off!! 

Avocado & Pease Pudding with lemon & black pepper, with carrot, dehydrated Mango, cashews and grapes and Black Pepper Oatcakes. 

Quinoa, potato, carrot, sweetcorn, tomato & spinach stew (cold) with carrot sticks and balsamic glaze, dehydrated mango, cashews and grapes.

Avocado & Pease Pudding (again!) with lemon & black pepper, pitta chips, tomatoes, strawberries and almonds with an apple and plain oat cakes on the side. 

Wholewheat spaghetti with pesto sauce, red & yellow tomatoes, dehydrated mango, grapes and strawberries. Also some black pepper oat cakes!

Rice & Bean salad with carrot and corriander, tomatoes, sweet baby peppers, fresh coconut, grapes and cashew nuts.

Wholewheat Penne Pasta & Pesto salad, carrot sticks with Balsamic Glaze, raisins, tomatoes, grapes and cashew nuts.

Lettuce, cucumber and feta salad, with a panda bottle of Chia seeds to sprinkle over the salad. Also, balsamic glaze to go with the salad and the carrot sticks and sugar snap peas. Two tomatoes, several grapes and a few pistachio nuts! Yum!!! 

Lettuce, coriander and sweetcorn salad with Balsamic glaze and Chia Seeds in the Panda Bottle to pour over the salad. We also have carrot sticks, sugar snap peas, tomatoes, orange mini pepper, grapes and cashew nuts.

In the salad we have Chinese Leaf, corriander, carrot, pomegranate and chia seeds! Then sugar snap peas, baby yellow pepper and carrot sticks with balsamic glaze. For desert, grapes, strawberries and cashews!

I hope this gives you some inspiration! I found the Bento Box accessories (the panda food picks and bottles) on Amazon.

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